Values are the most “upstream” and essential ingredient to a business’s success.

They’re an acknowledgement of what a business stands for and what matters most to them, attracting the right kinds of “good” into their world.

Many businesses think they are clear on their values, but often, they’re not.

This lack of clarity leads to misunderstandings, hinders sound decision-making, and delays appropriate and consistent action.

If a business is encountering clients, circumstances, situations, and experiences they don’t like, it’s likely due to unclear values, causing unintended consequences like:

  • Hiring the “wrong” people
  • Working with the “wrong” clients
  • Attracting the “wrong” customers
  • Buying the “wrong” software
  • Joining the “wrong” masterminds
  • And so on…

Our Values

Slow and deliberate

To put it simply, we’re not in a rush.

That which is worth our time, attention, energy, and effort is not driven by deadlines, project status, or key performance indicators.

Our “definition of done” is when a thing is complete and truly the best version of itself.

When there is nothing else to change because we’ve tweaked, adjusted, validated, tested, and talked about it so much that there’s nothing more to do or say.

In a world where “Minimum Viable Products (MVP)” and “sprints” are the norm for a business to get a project, product, or service out to market as quickly as possible, regardless of the quality of the thing…

We prefer to measure thrice, break for a siesta, and cut once.

Peace of mind

We believe we get what we focus on, and more than that, we create what we are.

We’ve consciously setup and structured our life in such a way that what we choose to work on, and who we choose to work with are directly tied to a life of peace and ease.

Meaning, when faced with a decision between an opportunity that pays handsomely, but requires us to compromise on our values, and an opportunity that is fun, relaxing, and allows us to better understand our craft, we’re gonna choose the latter.

Said another way, it’s not about the money for us, it’s about the set, setting, people, and circumstances that are going to compliment a life of peace and ease, not complicate it.

Sacred and boutique

We live in a world that’s designed for more, better, faster, different.

Society’s driven by an imaginary “there” that we’re all “supposed to” arrive at in order to actualize the feelings of freedom, peace, and success.

In business, that tends to be measured by the number of employees, an arbitrary number of “figures” that labels a business financially worthy, the masterminds we belong to, and of course, those fancy awards some people enjoy collecting.

We measure “success” by the quality and depth of our experiences.

Every morning, we cherish the opportunity to start fresh, ease into our day, dive into projects that truly captivate us, and steer clear of the noise and clutter of societal expectations.

Where we don’t look at our calendars or open our emails and dread the amount of obligations we’ve agreed to that day, know what I mean?

Relationships first

“Relationships are the most important thing on this planet. If you hold that as true, the one you have with yourself is the most important.”

Dude, It’s A Game

We’re in the business of relationships, and positively effecting change for the betterment of others.

What this really means is, the world is rapidly evolving into an experience that is designed to make us all feel separate, from our selves and each other.

If we can contribute to the opposite perspective, that we’re all one connected and collective consciousness (unless AI takes over first, rendering us irrelevant), we will in whatever way we can.

Quality over quantity

Thoughtfulness and intentionality are two words that come to mind when we think about business.

We play the game of creating for the sake of creating.

If nobody were to ever come to this page and read our writing, it wouldn’t bother us because this is for us to store our thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs, not for anybody else.

However, we’re thoughtful and intentional with what we write and what we say because someone will read this and we want them to have an experience when they read our writing.

We want our words to touch souls, to resonate, to evoke genuine emotions in those who encounter it, and cause them to think, “wow, yes, these are my kinda people.”

We believe that should be the focus of every business.

To deliver a quality experience for its team and to its clients and customers, regardless of how many there are.

The space to be ourselves

This value underscores everything we do and every choice we make together, reminding us always to stay true to our ethos.

We’re not for everybody, not everybody is for us, and that’s perfectly OK, it ought to be that way.

We’re weird.

We’re deep by nature.

We’re unconventional.

We say what’s on our minds.

We ask thought-provoking questions.

We’re a magical blend of serious and playful.

Interested in connecting for a longer conversation or collaborating in some way? Feel free to see if we’re a good fit for what you’re looking to accomplish.

We’d love to chat, get to know you, and provide more context.

Still need more context? No worries, check out our new Deliberate Business Design Series where hopefully we’ll connect a few more dots for you.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this page!

– Cam & Angelina