Kensho Dojo

Hello! You’re early…

There’s nothing here for you to buy. Yet.

In the next 6-12 months, we’ll be unveiling Kensho Dojo—a paid membership for dedicated deliberate business designers (say that 5 times fast), who are seeking deeper insights and refined strategies on building, designing, and scaling their service-based business.

This won’t be another community teaching traditional frameworks and methodologies.

Instead, it will focus on the principles, strategies, techniques, and tactics we’ve honed over 7 years of building meaningful relationships, crafting content, branding, positioning, preselling, structuring deals, negotiating pricing, fulfilling client agreements, retaining clients for 2+ years, and more.

We might also include insights from the work we do behind-the-scenes of businesses for those interested in following a similar path of fractional service-based work.

Things like, how we think about developing business models and value propositions.

Processes for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, training, and managing new employees.

Ways to design, manage, and organize project management systems and teams.

Examples for building sales and marketing systems with automations, follow-up, database entry, lead management, and more.

But we’ll see. We’re still in the ideation phase of this project.

Cheers for now!

– Cam & Angelina