The Deliberate Business Design Email Series

At the heart of everything we help businesses accomplish lies a Deliberate Business Design.

We’d like to introduce you to a new way of operating your business—one that complements your life rather than complicates it.

You’ll either resonate deeply with our worldview or decide it’s not for you.

If you choose to stay, you’ll never see your business the same way again—and you’ll be forever grateful for it.

What to expect

Our first email will introduce you to our perspective on the world and outline what we consider essential when building, designing, and scaling your business.

Our approach is rooted in principles that have shaped our unique view of business.

This concept is elegant in nature, transforming your business into a handcrafted masterpiece without the need for things like complex automations or unnecessary hiring.

A business that feels like play.

A business that you love.

Because its essence isn’t tied to trying to “get” something or “be” something, but rather creating what feels good to YOU.

Everything we share is hard-earned, time-tested wisdom from our experience working with dozens of businesses.

Designing A Business The ‘Conventional’ Way

Today, those who talk about building, designing, and scaling a business often regurgitate the same arbitrary tactics.

They start by diagnosing everything “wrong” with you and your business, followed by overwhelming sales strategies and promises of a utopian dream life.

The narrative tends to be: “You and your company are broken, and we can fix you.”

This works well because many people believe something is wrong with them and they need fixing.

But people like you are waking up to these tactics and are seeking someone who genuinely cares about the impact they have on you.

You want long-term, quality, customized, and meaningful relationships with people who have your best interests at heart and are willing to guide you through a more effective, efficient, and appropriate way of operating your life and business.

Designing A Business The ‘Deliberate’ Way

Instead of selling you a “magic solution,” we prefer to take the road less traveled.

We’ll show you how to assess every aspect of your business and identify the most beneficial opportunities for change and expansion.

Conventional methods often involve quick fixes and generic frameworks that don’t account for your unique and individual context.

They might look familiar:

  • Hire an integrator (they’ll do all the boring and stressful stuff you don’t wanna do)…
  • Use this project management system (because it’s the only one we know how to use)…
  • Implement these SOPs (they worked for this other business so they should work for you too)…
  • Learn these new leadership strategies (we don’t practice these things, but the “best” in the world use them)…

Then in 90 days your business will make millions of dollars, you’ll get to work from the beach on your laptop, and you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted…

(we’re being facetious of course, but we’re doing it to make a point).

We’d like you to consider an alternative reality, starting with a clear distinction between “knowing” and understanding.

Knowing is acquiring information, while understanding is the ability to apply that information contextually and see the bigger picture.

Think of it this way…

You might “know” that there are areas for improvement in your business.

Perhaps systems or processes don’t exist or could be better.

Or maybe you don’t know what you don’t know, but you sense something is missing.

Understanding comes when everything “clicks” and you have an “ah, I get it” moment, connecting all the dots with clarity on your next steps.

This foundational concept alone, once you’ve grasped it, can open a whole new world of opportunity, creativity, and innovation.

Where The Journey Begins

This email series will provide you with new insights that will cause you to look back in hindsight and make the necessary adjustments with your newly developed foresight.

By the end, everything you see and feel about your business will be different. Everything.

Oh, and there’s nothing to buy at the end of this series.

Our focus is on building meaningful relationships first, and if it makes sense, connect for a longer conversation later.

We prefer relationships that lead with generosity and trust before a transaction ever takes place.

We’re still setting up automations and finalizing our content, but if you’d like to join us on this journey into what we call “Deliberate Business Design,” click the button below, enter your preferred email address, and you’ll receive our series of emails when they’re ready.

Hopefully, we’ll see you there.


Clickity Click…


– Cam & Angelina