Case Studies

After hundreds of hours working closely with Cam, it would be hard to describe our relationship any other way than life changing. If you’re a fan of doing deep work, and truly understanding yourself – why you do what you do – and how to arrive at your own next step forward whether in business or personal life… having a guide and mentor like Cam, skilled in the art of communication (paired with patience and perspective) has meant more to me than I can express in a LinkedIn recommendation.

~ Eric Bort, Founder of Clearly Trained

Cam has a calm, unassuming presence — but don’t let that fool you. His presence in a business makes quite the impact. In our work with Cam, he not only coached our founder CEO on high level strategy, but he was also a formative coach for me in my own operational journey as Head of Operations for a quickly evolving startup. He is an expert at asking the right questions in order to lead you to your own answers. Cam’s coaching can only be described as holistic, human-driven, and uniquely able to span across tactical and strategic.

~ Natalie Gregorian, Founder of Tip Top Ops

Working with Cam is like Navy Seal training for communication. I use the communication and leadership tools he instilled in me every day whether it’s running the business or growing personal relationships. Aside from communication, he helps you understand what you value – for me, it’s peace, and after about three months, people started saying things like, “You seem more relaxed and peaceful, Zach.” If you are ambitious to learn how to play ‘the game’ at a higher level, whether it’s with business or personal life, then I highly recommend working Cam.

~ Zach Duncan, Founder of Mad Raven

Spyglass Ops

Imagine being at the helm of a ship charting new territories.

That was Cam’s role as Fractional COO/CMO and Advisor with Jhana Li and the Spyglass Ops team.

It wasn’t just work; it was a quest. A quest to architect a sales and marketing system from the ground up, a task as challenging as it was exhilarating. Picture the intensity of a command center during a space launch – that was our team during the build, with Cam leading the charge.

Then, there were the strategy sessions, akin to gathering with seasoned generals plotting our next big move. His role on the leadership team wasn’t just about participation; it was about driving change, steering our marketing and sales efforts towards uncharted success.

The creation of a matchmaking/recruiting product? Think of it as crafting a bridge, connecting the right people in a harmonious dance of opportunity and talent.

But it wasn’t all about the systems and strategies. The heart of our mission was our vision, and he was at the forefront, designing and facilitating a 3-day intensive. It was more than a workshop; it was a journey into the soul of our company, aligning our compass to the true north of our collective aspirations.

Advising at an executive level was the final piece of Cam’s journey with Jhana Li and Spyglass Ops. Here, he wasn’t just an advisor; he was a mentor, a guide, leading through turbulent waters with a steady hand and a clear vision.

This chapter of his career was more than a list of responsibilities. It was a saga of growth, leadership, and transformation, both for himself and for the team that he had the honor to lead and grow with.

Clearly Trained

Our first 30 days working with Clearly Trained resulted in an additional $200,000 added to the company’s revenue for 2022.

Join us on a journey to the heart of Clearly Trained, an E-Learning company on the cusp of transformation.

Picture a ship braving the high seas, its course uncertain. That was Clearly Trained when we stepped in. Our mission? To steady the ship and chart a course toward uncharted territories of efficiency and sustainable growth.

The task was monumental, akin to a grand orchestra missing its conductor. The first note in our symphony of change was stabilizing the company. It was more than just implementing systems; it was about bringing harmony to chaos, ensuring every part of the organization resonated with purpose and precision.

Then came the pivotal move – hiring a Director of Operations. Imagine finding the perfect piece in an intricate puzzle, someone who not only fit but enhanced the picture we were creating. This wasn’t just a hiring process; it was a quest for the key that would unlock our potential.

Building the foundation of the company’s project management system using Notion wasn’t merely about organization; it was about crafting a canvas where ideas could flourish, and projects could come to life. It was like composing a melody where each note was a task, each rhythm a deadline, all harmonizing into a masterpiece of efficiency.

The ongoing consultation and coaching? Picture a gardener tending to a garden of diverse flora. Each session was an opportunity to nurture, prune, and grow the company’s most valuable asset – its people.

And now, the journey continues. Redesigning and optimizing different aspects of the company is like sculpting a statue from marble, each stroke revealing the beauty and strength within.

This chapter at Clearly Trained wasn’t just about stabilizing and scaling a company; it was about orchestrating a renaissance, transforming potential into reality.

SCG Agency

We led SCG Agency to an acquisition by Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – The #1 Fastest Growing IV Therapy Franchise in the US.

Our role at SCG Agency was akin to directing an epic. Our goal? To evolve into the exclusive marketing arm for all Prime IV Franchises, a challenge we embraced with strategic fervor.

Picture assembling a dream team of specialists – an Account Manager, a Tech Specialist, and an Operations Manager. Each hire was a critical piece in our intricate puzzle, essential for orchestrating our collective success.

Introducing an Agile framework transformed our operation into a dynamic, responsive entity. It wasn’t just about managing projects; it was about fostering a culture of agility and excellence, ensuring every task was a step towards our grand vision.

Crafting our project management system using Notion and ClickUp was like building the central nervous system of our operation. This digital backbone became the lifeblood of our processes, pulsating with data, driving decisions, and propelling us towards our goal.

Organizing the company’s systems, SOPs, and team culture was about harmonizing every aspect of our operation. Like tuning an orchestra, each process and policy had to resonate with our mission, ensuring a symphony of efficiency and effectiveness.

Streamlining communication between the agency and its clients was the finishing touch in our strategic tapestry. We transformed mere exchanges into channels of clarity and understanding, vital for aligning our strategies with client needs.

The crescendo of this journey? The successful acquisition of SCG Agency by Prime IV. This wasn’t just a business milestone; it was the culmination of a meticulously orchestrated strategy, a testament to the power of vision, leadership, and operational excellence.

At SCG Agency, we didn’t just fulfill a role; we led a transformational saga, steering us towards a triumphant future.


Join me on a transformative journey with Dogslanding, where I turned a one-remote-employee venture into a thriving, multifaceted team.

First, I built the team’s communication and project management hub in Notion. This wasn’t just about organization; it was creating the backbone for our collaborative efforts, a digital command center for our growing team.

The recruitment phase was like assembling a dream team – a Product Manager, Senior Media Buyer, CRO Specialist, copywriters, video editors, and a Brand Manager. Each new hire was a strategic addition, infusing fresh talent and energy into the company. Onboarding and training them was about more than just imparting skills; it was about cultivating a shared vision and fostering a dynamic work culture.

Leading team meetings and facilitating a pod structure among the team, I ensured that our efforts were not only synchronized but also amplified through collaboration and innovation.

I also played a crucial role in building a content distribution system. This system established influencer relationships for UGC content, streamlined the creative process, and enhanced our advertising strategies with effective A/B testing.

Beyond the operational realm, my role took a strategic turn when I traveled to Rome, Italy, to meet with the company’s founder. This wasn’t merely a meeting; it was a pivotal strategy session where we crafted the company’s vision, mission, and values, setting the course for its future.

When I started, Dogslanding had two main products. By the end of my contract, we were poised to launch the fourth product, marking a significant expansion in the company’s market presence.

This chapter at Dogslanding was a testament to the power of strategic team building, operational excellence, and visionary planning, transforming a small operation into a burgeoning enterprise.

High Performance Founder

At HPF under Dan Go’s leadership, Cam spearheaded a transformative journey, leading this startup from a low 6-figure to a robust 7-figure annual run rate within just 12 months.

His role was to stabilize the company and streamline operations, freeing the CEO from day-to-day tasks and setting the stage for sustainable scaling. He played a pivotal part in formulating the company’s vision, marketing strategy, coaching deliverables, and sales system – each a cornerstone in the blueprint for success.

Building HPF’s original team was a strategic endeavor. Recruiting and managing roles like an Operations Manager, social media messenger specialist, data specialist, remote fitness coach, and sales reps, Cam assembled a powerhouse of talent, each member integral to their collective achievement.

In collaboration with the Operations Manager, they developed the project management system using Notion. Their focus was on innovation and efficiency: automating coach-to-client deliverables, creating original SOP playbooks, and implementing scrum and agile methodologies.

A key milestone in their growth trajectory was the launch of HPF’s first custom swag box for clients. This initiative, involving intricate design and coordination with the Custom Box Agency, not only enhanced the client experience but also symbolized their commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

He also led the development of HPF’s fitness membership and community, a bold venture aimed at expanding the company’s service offerings and deepening client engagement.

Additionally, he deployed various email, client communication, and project management automations using Zapier, each enhancing our operational efficiency and contributing to their rapid growth.

His time at HPF was marked by strategic innovation, team-building excellence, and operational ingenuity, fueling the company’s extraordinary ascent and setting new standards in its industry.

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