Let’s Craft

A business that you appreciate, love, and enjoy

At this point, you’ve likely noticed that we don’t do things the “normal” way.

We do have our preferences, but we don’t disqualify who we work with based on industry, revenue range, team size, or any of those typical criteria.

What matters most to us are relationships. We believe we can create an impact in any business, so rather than qualify new clients based on their external accolades, we focus on who they are as people.

Our approach is designed to attract our kinds of people and repel the rest because we’re not interested in working with more than a few hand-selected clients at once.

We believe in playing the long game rather than seeking a “quick fix” or relying on the “minimum viable product (MVP)” approach.

We prefer intimate and boutique, focusing on quality over quantity, and providing a truly customized experience with the right kinds of people.

We’re craftsmen (and women) who take great pride in delivering a quality service.

This is why we currently cap the number of businesses we work with and have an application process.

It allows us to be thoughtful, intentional, and selective.

There needs to be a certain openness, willingness, and a cultural fit aligned with what we’re building.

We might not be the right fit for what you want and need.

However, if you think we are—and you’re our kinda people—we welcome you to apply below:

– Cam & Angelina