Think of Cam as the strategic magician behind Kensho Craft, blending the wisdom of Winston Wolf, the insight of Sherlock Holmes, and the calm, cool, and collected resolve of John Dalton to guide companies through their most challenging puzzles.

He’s a wizard, detective, fixer, problem-solver, and business efficiency expert, all rolled into one and doesn’t mind getting his hands “dirty” to implement what’s necessary.

For the last several years (7 and counting), he’s been practicing as a behind-the-scenes Fractional COO, Fractional CMO or Fractional Chief of Staff (labels…), “peeking under the hood” of businesses across various industries, primarily online and digital—E-commerce, E-learning, SaaS, coaching, agencies, course creators, and nearly everything in between.


Think of Angelina like Donna from Suits, Cam’s other half.

While Cam is pretty damn good, he’s not perfect, and where he lacks, Angelina fills in the gaps.

She’s the operational heartbeat of the business, the gatekeeper, the one that ensures quality delivery, and the most important piece of the puzzle.


What we’ve discovered by assisting businesses from the inside is that they’re full of patterns, themes, and nuances that determine whether they will feel like a burden and headache for the founders or like a work of art that evolves into something new and fun every day.

One extreme example is the businesses that seem perfect on paper, with Inc. 500 awards, Great Place To Work accolades, raving reviews, hyper-specific marketing messaging, and authoritative logos that establish them as capable of serving “the biggest and the best.”

But on the inside, everyone’s miserable, communication is nonexistent, projects are chaotic, decision-making is reactive, and the owners would rather fire everyone and burn the business down than spend another day fixing endless problems.

Then there are the businesses started by one person who turned decades of knowledge into a product or service that was an immediate success, forcing them to hire out of desperation and implement bandaid solutions to keep up with demand.

Now, their business is at a critical point where their creative outlet has become a “job,” and they’re stuck doing 15 different things they’d rather not be doing.

It’s only natural that they need to build a team and invest in new systems and operations to “buy” back their time and regain the joy that motivated them to start in the first place.

Our specialty

While our approach has evolved over the last 7 years, the way we help businesses has never been clearer. At the heart of it, we help business owners rediscover the joy in what they started by removing burdens and complexities. It’s about making their vision come to life without stress.

We’ve grown impatient and somewhat disgruntled with the common narrative around “growth” and “scale” carelessly thrown around in the business community, so we decided to effect change in our own way.

Our speciality and preference is working with the ~80% of businesses that fall somewhere in between the two examples above.

If we can catch a business at just the right time—before founders and CEOs make decisions like hiring ineffectively, implementing overly complex systems, bringing on a business partner, or investing thousands into an unnecessary sales and marketing strategy—we can help them implement what’s appropriate, make sound decisions, and avoid common pitfalls.

These businesses have nothing but pure potential, possibility, and opportunity (Kensho) before them, but only if they’re open to change.

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Thanks for reading!

– Cam & Angelina