Craft Your ‘Work’ Into Play

Hi! We’re Cam and Angelina:

We own and operate a full-service executive advisory and fractional services firm helping teams and organizations build fun, calm, happy, healthy, and high-performance cultures that prioritize quality, excellence, and the overall experience of their business.

Our expertise includes executive guidance, strategic business design, change management, leadership training, organizational restructuring, system and process optimization, communication workshops, decision-making workshops, innovation workshops, and more.

Our mission is to help business owners and their teams gain the confidence to manage everything autonomously and at scale, ensuring they have the right structures in place for long-term profit, predictability, peace, and ease.

Check out our case studies to see the impact and influence we’ve had on the companies we’ve worked with.

We help people design their business around a life that allows them to ease into their day.

Where notifications aren’t blowing up their phone first thing in the morning, emails don’t demand their immediate attention, they don’t have unnecessary meetings scheduled before 10am, their systems are working and their team is using them, clients and customers aren’t urgently contacting them, and their calendar doesn’t look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Think about what it would be like to experience that for a moment.

Perhaps you’ve even discovered that “collecting all the coins” is not WHY you do what you do in the world.

It’s deeper than that…

Because who knows when our last day will be, and if we’re not having FUN, what’s the point?

If you’re anything like us, you want your business to feel like a sacred pursuit of personal fulfillment and satisfaction that happens to pay you well and fund your lifestyle now.

Not tomorrow, Not after breakfast, NOW.

Maybe you’ve also discovered that the richness of life lies not in external outcomes and accolades, but in joyful, loving, and present moments with those closest to you. And your business is preventing you from having more of that.

Sadly, people like you are prime targets for service providers claiming to have all the solutions to your problems.

Many people who talk about “scaling” a business, usually approach it from one of two ways:

1) Scale the shit out of your business by hiring a bunch of people, adding complex automations, implementing unnecessary sales and marketing strategies, and using “the latest and greatest” technology to reach an arbitrary number of “figures” so that you don’t have to “run the business” anymore, making it more attractive to sell to the highest bidder.

2) Raise a Series XYZ with an $X million dollar valuation, and be ok handing over control and influence to a venture capital firm whose investors don’t care about the brand ethos, culture, or quality assurance, and are looking for the next commodity to add to their portfolio.

What they fail to consider is that a business designed to feel like a magnum opus—a masterpiece—doesn’t need an “exit” strategy.

It needs simple adjustments, clarity, and a deliberate design…

Because people like us aren’t looking to stop honing our craft or hand over creative control to somebody else. We’re constantly seeking ways to enjoy our experience.

To be ourselves. To do things OUR way. Not for anybody else, but for US.

We want to ENJOY the “work” we do.

We’re Deliberate Business Designers, Sovereign Creators, and Craftsmen (and women).

We aim to sculpt our experience into a stable, calm, and peaceful environment where everyone involved gets to play.

If we do decide to delegate our creativity, automate our thinking, or sell our business, it’s because we made a conscious decision to do so—not because we’re desperate to release a burden.

As Alan Watts says, “The real secret of life is to be completely engaged with what you’re doing in the here and now, and instead of calling it work, realize that this is play.”

At our core, we believe that a business ought to feel easy, fun, flexible, and sacred, leaving room for our creative interests to change and evolve.

We can have our cake and eat it too.

Our work ought to feel like play.

When we’re engaged in something that feels good to us, everyone around us benefits, and while others may choose to play their game on the ‘extremely difficult’ setting, we prefer to play on easy.

Lucky for you, we’ve identified what keeps businesses and business owners playing their game on “hard,” so you don’t have to.

Since 2017, we’ve been building and designing businesses, gaining experience from peeking under the hood of dozens of businesses in all shapes and sizes—many just like yours.

If you desire to redesign your business to feel fun, easy, and like you’re working on your next masterpiece, you’ll love what we have for you here.

Welcome! We’re happy you’ve arrived.

It means the world to us to find people who see the world the way we do, so thank you for reading this far and stopping by.

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Cheers for now!

– Cam & Angelina