We’re Cam and Angelina:

You’ve caught us an an interesting time in our lives.

In late April of 2024, we moved all of our stuff from Colorado to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State to start a new chapter in our lives.

In that time, and aside from other projects we’re working on (both creative and not), Cam had a remarkable moment of clarity on the direction he wants to take Kensho Craft.

After nearly a decade of “peeking under the hood” of businesses in several different industries (mostly online and digital) and guiding them through their most challenging puzzles, he’s ready for something fresh, exciting, and more in alignment with who he is today.

We’re in the middle of a redesign or rebrand if you will, and we’re in the middle of sorting out how we’re gonna communicate what it is that we’re doing next in the world.

For the time being, the most appropriate way (in our minds) to describe what we want to be known for is, “Creative Advisors and Quality Assurance Specialists for businesses/things/people that care about what they’re building.”

During a late night conversation we had about Angelina’s excitement for the next iteration of Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider video game series, we were both rejoicing in the educational components as well as, the sheer beauty of the game.

Both of which are sadly becoming a relic of the past for many modern games.

It got Cam thinking about how RAD it would be to work with companies (in this context, studios like Ubisoft, Rockstar, and Bethesda) to help them get back to the roots of what made their games an EXPERIENCE rather than a carbon copy of what’s buzzing and popular.

Guiding artists, creators, and builders to become Signal v. Noise.

To be themselves, not follow the status quo, and give their people what they REALLY want.

DUNE, not Marvel (sorry Marvel fans).

Here’s what that could look like professionally based on some scattered notes Cam made in one of his Obsidian vaults…

  1. Educating, training, and leading on Thinking Creatively in order to maintain the essence, quality, and sacredness of products as they continue to innovate and reinvent year after year.
    • To combat against popularity leading to the degradation of products to match demand for more gain.
    • To pay attention to what people are craving and want more of.
  2. We want to work with people that care and are working diligently day in and day out to solve this issue and retain the quality and excellence of what they’ve built.
  3. Cam’s a tastemaker and wants to be a part of the conversation about what makes something great.
  4. We believe that we’re in a ‘quality epidemic’ and we wanna dispose of the waste in a sea of garbage.

Interested in connecting for a longer conversation and perhaps helping us clarify our thoughts for our next venture?

Please schedule a call or reach out on LinkedIn. We’d love to chat, get to know you, and provide more context.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Cheers for now!

– Cam & Angelina